Our third-generation technology, DOSE™, is the most powerful offering in the range of injection pen data collection devices from Innovation Zed. DOSE is a single component add-on device for injection pens, DOSE automatically captures dose value dialled, injection event timestamp, temperature and mounting/unmounting data. DOSE was designed and developed under the trademark brand of

A Smart Solution

The data captured from DOSE can be integrated with software applications, enabling data to be easily shared and analysed therefore transforming any injection pen into a smart injection pen.


Instantly captures dose dialled, date, time & ambient temperature for each event


Seamlessly connect with health management apps and/or other technologies without using excessive power.


OLED display for high-quality visual feedback - even in challenging lighting conditions


Rechargeable battery with 7-10 day life per charge


Built-in storage memory for up to 40 days worth of injection data


Compatible & Customisable for all reusable and disposable injection pens.

CONNECT - 2nd Generation

Our second-generation technology for injection pens, CONNECT, provides a steppingstone into the world of digital health through a stylish, easy to use, automatic logging device featuring Bluetooth® connectivity. Designed & released for the diabetes market under the trademarked brand of

Injection data from CONNECT can be integrated with software applications, enabling data to be analysed and shared.

Key Benefits

Numerous Applications

Designed as a generic add-on technology, CONNECT technology is suitable for a number of therapeutic areas and can be adapted to a variety of injection pens.

Refined Design

The refined and sleek design is combined with a simple user interface, creating an attractive product with a premium feel.


Fully automatic logging of data with on-board memory. Date, time & ambient temperature is captured for each event.


Measures ambient air temperature with the ability to set hardware or software alerts. Useful for temperature sensitive drugs.


Seamlessly connect with health management apps and/or other technologies without using excessive power.


CE marked in the EU allows for immediate inclusion in product portfolios.

Software Services

Our Software Services are scalable and a fully customisable platform that can accelerate;

  • Integration and customisation of our software platform.
  • Customised features and functions for any TA.
  • Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) capabilities for product maintenance.
  • Ability to support clinical and usability trials.

Compatible with both iOS and Android, our software and services take the hard work out of building, scaling and maintaining digital health offerings by providing information and support to your data management needs.


The ENYA approach utilises a customisable platform, which can be modified and adjusted with a variety of features and functionality, accelerating the time to provide a bespoke app and backend platform specific to your user base and TA (therapeutic area) needs.  


The ENYA Platform FOTA (Firmware over the air) is a software support service managed by Innovation Zed to support the various methods of distributing new software and firmware updates for medical devices. FOTA services are adaptable and scalable to meet all OTA requirements.


The ENYA Platform product integration support is designed to offer our partners a comprehensive facility that enables integration and maintenance services for BLE-connected technologies with management applications or platforms of their choice. 


Through the ENYA platform approach, we can offer a full range of services to support the entire process and preparation for market release as well as the maintenance of a digital health product in the marketplace. Our in-house expertise can assist across many areas to confidently and swiftly take a new connected digital health solution from a concept into the market.


Business Development


Post-Market Support