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About Us

Innovation Zed is an Irish company born following the real-life event of our Co-founder John Hughes. When performing an insulin injection as part of his diabetes self-management, John accidentally double injected leading to a serious hypoglycaemic event.

Realizing how easy it was to double inject or miss injections all together. He understood that poor compliance of condition management could negatively influence long-term treatment and health outcomes.

Innovation Zed was born of real life experience and has a single mission to empower those requiring self injection therapies towards better outcomes. Utilizing innovative technologies to reduce cumbersome activities whilst collecting valuable data in real time.

Who we are

John Hughes

William Cirillo

Dean Minnock

Dean leads market development, research & integration of connected technology at Innovation Zed. Dean has built a thorough knowledge of the medical technology industry and coupled with extensive expertise in integrative human Physiology making him a thought leader in digital healthcare.

Ross Hamilton

Ross graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a BSc in Natural Sciences and an MSc Exercise Physiology. Having previously managed the support services to the High-Performance Sports programme at Trinity, Ross is now leading technology research trials at Innovation Zed.

Mairead Cirillo

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