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Who We Are

Innovation Zed specialises in the design, research and development of smart connected solutions for drug delivery devices. Through customisable hardware and software solutions as well as manufacturing and services, we streamline the process of turning any pen or auto-injector into a market ready digital health solution.

What We Do

How We Do It

ENYA Platform

Innovation Zed has developed the ENYA framework approach. This approach offers an all-in-one solution to turn any pen or auto-injector device into a fully bespoke market-ready digital health solution. This approach brings value to end users, pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders in the digital healthcare industry.

The ENYA Platform provides pharma, medtech and drug delivery device manufacturers the ability to transform their offering into a connected, market-ready digital health solution. Offering configurable hardware across our multi-generational add-on range (CLASSIC, CONNECT & DOSE), we can capture and share essential device data. This data can be shared, analyzed and stored through our customizable software offerings. This entire process and preparation for market release is fully supported by our range of additional services.

Who We Do It For


Engage new & existing customers with innovative products


Insight of usage & sharing with payers or insurers


Insights for device development & feedback


New added value bundled service offerings