Innovation Zed and SIRMA Medical Systems Announce Global Partnership to Improve Health Outcomes for People with Diabetes

Dublin, Ireland, 18th July 2019

Innovation Zed, an Irish medtech company, today announced the signing of a global partnership and data integration agreement with SIRMA Medical Systems.

As a result of this new partnership the companies will pursue joint efforts to promote and sell their products as a single integrated system to improve health outcomes for people with diabetes.

Innovation Zed, headquartered at NovaUCD, the Centre for New Ventures and Entrepreneurs at University College Dublin, was co-founded by William Cirillo and John Hughes. SIRMA Medical Systems is a division of SIRMA Group, one of the largest privately-owned Bulgarian IT Groups.

Last year Innovation Zed, launched InsulCheck Connect, an insulin pen add-on technology which automatically collects essential usage data that informs insulin pen users of their injection history. When paired with a Bluetooth® enabled device, the end-user can view behavioural analysis on their choice of diabetes management applications.

SIRMA Medical Systems is a leading company in software applications and integrated platforms for e-Health. Its mobile application Diabetes:M is among the most popular applications for both Android and iOS devices, with more than 350,000 installations and 50,000+ active users.

Currently, adherence to insulin therapy is one of the most difficult aspects of diabetes treatment. A simple focus on motivating users to increase adherence to their daily injection schedule can potentially improve their long-term glucose control (HbA1c). Such improvements can assist in reducing the likelihood of developing diabetes related complications.

“Now that our InsulCheck Connect technology is incorporated with the Diabetes:M platform, we can empower existing platform users, and entice new users to adopt this technology ecosystem with aims to improve adherence and their diabetes treatment,” said Dean Minnock, Director of Business Development, Innovation Zed.

“Our products are designed to enable and drive those improvements and combining an advanced data management system such as Diabetes:M platform makes reaching optimum therapy attainable.”

Rossen Varbanov, CEO, SIRMA Medical Systems, said,

“This global partnership is yet another cornerstone in our strategy to bring quality diabetes management to a wider audience. Therapy adherence is a serious issue and we are dedicated to making a cumbersome task as easy as it could be. The unique features for insulin pen users in Diabetes:M are designed to both save time and allow them to do things, otherwise only available to pump users.”

“We believe the option to calculate and set reminders for split extended bolus and the automated processes that a Bluetooth® connected pen allows will be of great benefit to owners of Innovation Zed’s InsulCheck Connect.”

Innovation Zed is an Enterprise Ireland high-potential start-up (HPSU) company.