Innovation Zed and GlucoRX join forces to Improve Health Outcomes for People with Diabetes

Dublin, Ireland, 2 May 2018

Innovation Zed, an Irish medtech company, today announced the signing of a global partnership and data integration agreement for its family of insulin pen ‘add-on’ devices with UK-based GlucoRx.

GlucoRx is a leading supplier of innovative management solutions for diabetes in the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Bulgaria, USA, Brazil, Ghana and Kenya.

Innovation Zed, headquartered at NovaUCD, the Centre for New Ventures and Entrepreneurs at University College Dublin (UCD), is dedicated to helping insulin pen users within the diabetes population.

Currently, insulin adherence levels are reported to be around 63% and Innovation Zed’s own research highlights that injection compliance is significantly below what is prescribed.

Studies also demonstrate that a simple focus on motivating users to increase adherence to their daily injection schedule can improve their long-term glucose control (HbA1c) readings. Such improvements can assist in reducing the likelihood of developing diabetes-related complications.

As a result of this new partnership agreement, GlucoRx will immediately begin distributing Innovation Zed’s InsulCheck Classic device, which shows the time since last injection to help people avoid double and missed injections and to help improve HbA1c readings.

“There are tangible health and cost benefits to a 1% improvement in HbA1c,” said John Hughes, CEO, Innovation Zed, himself an insulin user. “Every step towards optimum therapy treatment shows a measurable improvement in the short and long-term health outcomes for patients. Our products are designed to enable and drive those improvements.”

Chris Chapman, Group Managing Director of GlucoRx Ltd, said, “We are confident that thousands of people with diabetes currently on insulin and people needing other injectables will find InsulCheck Classic extremely useful.  GlucoRx is very excited about the healthy pipeline of products that Innovation Zed will be launching in the near future and is looking forward to marketing them in the UK and further afield.”

Innovation Zed’s pipeline includes InsulCheck Connect which the company plans to launch in Q3 2018. InsulCheck Connect automatically collects essential usage data that enables insulin pen users to manage their condition more accurately and more effectively. When paired with a Bluetooth® enabled device, the end-user can view behavioural analysis on their choice of diabetes management applications.

Innovation Zed, an Enterprise Ireland high-potential start-up (HPSU), was co-founded in 2009 by William Cirillo and John Hughes.