Innovation Zed and GluCare.Health Partner to Integrate Connected Add-On Technologies for Diabetes Care

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 11th April 2023

Innovation Zed, an Irish R&D company specializing in the design and development of innovative medical devices has partnered with GluCare.Health, a leading metabolic disease management platform, to provide connected insulin pen technology as part of a combination product in GluCare.Health’s digital clinic ecosystem. The partnership will open the door to personalised therapy and compliance insights for various drug delivery devices, including injection pens used for a range of drug therapies.

Innovation Zed’s medical device technologies include a range of smart add-on devices that can automatically log injection data and store vital injection history for Multiple Daily Injection (MDI) users. Marketed under the InsulCheck brand, these products capture valuable injection data such as the timestamp of injection events, dose dialled and temperature. By integrating these technologies, GluCare.Health is better positioned to support its insulin-dependent patients with real-time feedback of insulin doses and timings. This enables the company to build a more comprehensive picture of patients’ health status and needs.

Dr. Dean Minnock, CEO at Innovation Zed, expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying, “Having developed our technologies with the initial focus of insulin therapy for diabetes, we have created a product that we have long believed would be extremely beneficial to any person requiring multiple daily injections. This opportunity from GluCare.Health to adapt and apply our InsulCheck technologies to new injection pens allows us to support therapy requirements and will see Innovation Zed now leap into new markets and most importantly support new audiences.”

The partnership is also expected to improve adherence to injection therapy, one of the most challenging aspects of any MDI therapy. By motivating people to increase adherence to their daily injection schedule, this collaboration has the potential to improve therapy response and overall outcomes.

Dr. Ihsan Almarzooqi, Co-Founder and Managing Director of GluCare.Health, said, “Our model of continuous care has shown to be vastly better than the episodic care practiced by traditional care providers. This partnership is a significant step forward in our mission to close the loop for insulin-dependent diabetics and obtain new data points previously blind to healthcare providers such as insulin timing, doses and temperature. Along with our engagement and meta[bolic] scores, we will be able to further personalize treatment and manage compliance under our clinic-in-the cloud model for multi dose insulin (MDI) patients.”

The partnership between Innovation Zed and GluCare.Health represents a significant milestone in the management of diabetes, and both companies look forward to the positive impact this collaboration will have on the lives of people living with diabetes.


The first hybrid Digital Therapeutics (DTx)+ Human vertically integrated diabetes platform of its kind, GluCare.Health is reinventing metabolic care and transforming lives. Conceptualized in the UAE and opening the doors to its state-of-the-art 10,000 sq foot Dubai clinic in September 2020, it is the world’s first healthcare provider to empower both clinicians and patients through Continuous Metabolic Monitoring as part of its standard model of care, an innovative and highly personalized ‘continuous healthcare’ approach that provides a comprehensive and real-time view of patients.  As part of its unique model, GluCare.Health is also an early adopter of – and the region’s first clinic to use – Digital Therapeutics (DTx), combining it with wearable, data analytics, unique in-clinic workflows, and a caring and connected expert care team. Applying technology as a humanizing force, GluCare.Health’s team partners with patients and their families, giving them the tools, knowledge, and continuous support to live longer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.